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Big Starry Earrings glowing in the dark with KYOTO Opal

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Beautiful earrings using Kyoto Opal and Kyoto Opal flakes developed with the latest technology of Kyocera.

Makes you more attractive with beautiful earrings reminiscent of a glowing starry sky.

Pierce body, Gift box, Message card.

Kyoto Opal is based on the same quartz particles as natural opal, and is carefully grown over the years with Kyocera's unique gem synthesis technology.

A major difference from Inamori Stone's artificial opal (created opal), which has been sold as a gem since 1980, is the addition of an artificial dyeing (resin impregnation) treatment to enjoy colorful colors.

This artificial treatment overcomes the so-called "fragility" such as opal-specific "cracks" and "chips" and enables a wide variety of cuts.

Creation of the opal structure that brings out the color reproduction effect is unique in the world, and this unique fine-grained texture can not be copied with molded resin products.

The material has been sold for over 20 years. In Japan, we chose the nickname "Kyoto Opal" because we wanted many people to know Kyoto-born opal.

The earring adopts and sells this opal and flakes.
The hook part of the earring uses 14KGF.

A luxurious combination of 14KGF and Kyoto Opal!
Please enjoy the brilliance of the universe that can only be produced with Japanese technology!!


Hook material: K14GF
Stone: Resin with KyotoOpal


Kyoto Opal: 20mm
All length: 35mm

Care Instructions

We recommend gently wiping with a soft cloth rather than a cloth containing abrasives or abrasives. Please remove it when you take a shower.