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Hi-uni DIGITAL for Wacom CP20206BZ x Mitsubishi Japan

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A collaboration between Mitsubishi Pencil, a leader in the global stationery market, and Wacom, which has been pursuing digital "drawing" for over 35 years, has been realized.

The high-quality, smooth drawing comfort and high-class design pencil "Hi-uni" can be used as a digital pencil with the Wacom One LCD pen tablet 13.
Discerning Hi-uni design

Product composition: Hi-uni DIGITAL for Wacom, 3 spare cores, core removal, regulation sheet

Mass: 4.8 g
External dimensions (length x diameter): 140 x 7.73 mm (thickest part)
Pressure level: 4096 levels

The pencil shaft, which is made in the same production process as the pencil "Hi-uni" and uses the same wood, has a unique soft wood scent.

A luxurious design with a "uni-colored" shaft that is a combination of shrimp brown and wine red, which is a traditional Japanese color, and a golden ring.

A hexagonal shaft that is easy to hold and has a smooth body that is glossy like lacquer ware and is unique to pencils.

"Draw" and "write" at Hi-Uni DIGITAL for Wacom

The hexagonal pencil that everyone has used has a natural feel regardless of the application.

The slightly shorter pencil shaft is easy to write from the beginning, and fits comfortably in your hand, making it perfect for sketching, drafting, and designing.

Since it is light and thin, it is ideal for distance learning and learning on digital terminals.




14 x 0.77 cm

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