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KOMIYA Luxury Folding Umbrella Windproof 21.6" Lining Plaid

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It is a product of the Japanese umbrella brand "Komiya Shoten" founded in 1930.

The polite handiwork of craftsmen certified by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as traditional craftsmen.

A stylish check that is fun to carry around
The fabric of this series is double woven so that the front side is plain and the back side has a check pattern. The plaid pattern on the lining creates a fashionable atmosphere, giving it a sophisticated and heavy finish.

◆"Koshu weave" with glossy luster and solid feeling
We use "Koshu weave" fabric woven in Yamanashi Prefecture, which boasts a history of over 400 years as a famous textile production area. Koshu weave is made by weaving fine dyed threads at high density and uniformity to achieve a deep lustrous color and an elegant and heavy texture. It is a very valuable fabric that can only be woven about 4m per day.

In addition, "Plaid" is woven on a very rare narrow shuttle loom, so there are no perforations on the edges (edges) of the fabric, giving it a sharp appearance and no need to worry about fraying even after long-term use.

◆Umbrella with UV cut processing "Umbrella for rainy weather"
The "Plaid" fabric is water-repellent and water-resistant, as well as UV-cut (ultraviolet-ray prevention). In addition to being fully functional as a rain umbrella, it can also be used as a parasol.

◆Umbrella bone
The outer rib uses a lightweight and durable glass fiber material.

◆High quality wood handle ( maple )

Main bone: 55cm ( 21.6 in ) 8 bones

Weight: Approximately               310g ( 0.68lb )
Diameter: Approximately          97 cm ( 38.1 in )
Folded length: Approximately   34 cm ( 13.3 in )


Polyester 100% (Koshu weave)


13.3 in

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