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Récolte Folding Mini Washing Machine Camp Emergency Outdoor Japan

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A foldable compact washing machine that is perfect for a small amount of laundry.

You can choose from three modes: [Standard], [Fashionable clothes], and [Severe stain remover washing], and you can use it for a wide range of purposes, such as those that you want to wash immediately or those that you want to wash separately.

The foldable body can be easily downsized by pressing lightly from above.
It fits comfortably in the gap, so you don't have to worry about storing it.
Compatible with approximately 0.2 kg of laundry.
The lid can also be used as a washboard.

When using, please stretch the stretchable part completely.

[ How to wash. ]
Put the laundry in the washing tub.
Fill the washing tub with water so that it does not cross the MAX line inside the washing tub.
Do not put hot water above 50 ℃ in the washing tub.

It may cause deformation, malfunction or injury.
Add detergent.

Start operation without the lid, and if water pops out, cover it.
Attach the plug of the power adapter and plug it into a power outlet.
Press the run button.

The [WASH lamp] lights up in green and washing starts.
[POWER lamp] lights white during standby and blinks white during washing.
If you want to stop washing in the middle, press the [Run button] to stop.
Press the [Run Button] again to resume.

Each time you press and hold the [Run Button] (2 seconds), the washing mode switches.
When the buzzer sounds, washing is complete.

Estimated washing time.
Standard mode / fashionable clothes mode : Approximately 10 minutes
Terrible dirt removal mode : about 20 minutes

Power supply (AC adapter)
Input : AC 100 - 240V   50 / 60Hz 1.0A
Output : DC 12V 2.5A



27 x 28.5 x 26.5 cm

Care Instructions