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ReFa MTG COLLAGEN ENRICH Drink 480ml / Non-caffeine

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Take 15 mL daily as a guide.

Collagen drink containing 160,000 mg of high-concentration, high-purity, low-molecular-weight collagen.

◆High-purity collagen
Only the rare collagen extracted first is used.
We are thoroughly committed to high quality.

Considering the absorption efficiency of collagen, it contains vitamins and cysteine ​​peptides.

◆A delicious and easy-to-continue taste.
You can mix it with carbonated water or smoothies, or just a tablespoon a day, so it's a drink that you can easily keep its beauty.

◆Ingredient names:
collagen peptide (including gelatin), erythritol, maltose, fructose, yeast extract / acidulant, vitamin C, sweetener, preservative (sodium benzoate), Fragrance, emulsifier

◆Nutrition facts label (per 100 mL):
Energy / 160 kcal Protein / 36.7 g Lipid / 0 g Carbohydrate / 3.3 g Salt equivalent / 0-0.1097 g Vitamin C / 833 mg Collagen peptide / 33,333 mg


Collagen drink


480 ml

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