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SONY Reon Pocket 4 Wearable Thermo Device 2023 + Neckband RNPK-4

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Driving time is up to about 2 times (※) by battery capacity UP
It is available for approximately seven hours with COOL level 3.
The battery has been strengthened and the design has been revamped, maintaining a more powerful yet compact body.
*When comparing the drive time with the conventional model RNP-3.
 Varies depending on usage and environment.

Further improvement in cooling efficiency
The air intake is designed to enable more efficient air circulation. Furthermore, by enlarging the heat dissipation mechanism, we have achieved a maximum heat absorption performance of approximately 1.2 times*.
* When comparing the heat absorption performance at the maximum cooling level with the conventional model RNP-3 (average heat absorption amount for 60 minutes after starting operation).
Varies depending on usage and environment.

Five sensors detect temperature and humidity and action
In addition to temperature and humidity sensor of the new deployment, we detect temperature and humidity with temperature sensor of three. Furthermore, an accelerometer detects movement.
Based on the information detected by these sensors, it provides smart functions that match the situation.

SMART COOL MODE automatically adjusts the cooling temperature
Automatically adjusts the cooling temperature according to behavior, environment, and individual preferences set in advance on the app.
The temperature and humidity sensor newly installed on the main unit can detect increases in humidity due to sweat, etc., and the SMART COOL MODE has evolved further. Furthermore, by linking with the separately sold REON POCKET TAG (RNPT-1) (*1), a new function, SMART COOL ⇔ WARM MODE, that automatically switches between COOL and WARM is also available.

(*2) For example, not only in the summer, but also when cold and hot weather mix throughout the day at the turn of the season, automatic adjustments are made according to changes in the environment.
*1 REON POCKET TAG (RNPT-1) can be purchased with REON POCKET 4 Sensing Kit (RNPK-4T) or separately. *2 RNP-4 alone supports only SMART COOL MODE (cooling).




55 x 117 x 23 mm

Care Instructions

lightly wipe with a cloth