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Tajima Vest Cooling System Air Condition Preparing for Heat

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・Wind flows to the neck. The effect of the inner pad under the harness allows the wind to reach the neck.
・Large-capacity battery that can be used for 1 day in strong mode
*1 Uses strong mode (wind speed: 5.9 m/s)
*2 Approximate operating time of approximately 9 hours
*3 Battery capacity 5,500 mAh (7.4 V output)

・Hook-and-loop fastener type shoulder strap that prevents the belt from slipping and blocking the wind
・Easy to handle controller and battery storage pocket
・Two fan units are installed in the lower back to blow strong wind of 5.9m/second (strong mode)
・The inner pad is very breathable, and it has a high elasticity and a 3D mesh
・It is easy to put on and take off the harness!
・Easy to install lanyard!
・The space of the vertical belt can be used!
・Wearing the harness is obvious!
・Attached battery part number FB-BT7455BK-N
・Battery capacity 5500mAh(min)
・Input voltage/current DC9V/1.3A
・Output voltage/current DC7.4V/max 2A
・Approximate charging time 7 hours

Estimated moving time
When using the lithium-ion rechargeable battery FB-BT7455BK-N Strong mode Approx. 9 hours (depending on various conditions)
Medium mode Approx. 18 hours (depending on various conditions)
Weak mode Approx. 30 hours (varies depending on various conditions)

Operating environment temperature 0°C to 40°C (no condensation)


Lithium-ion battery


Size L: Length 66cm, chest circumference 116cm, shoulder width 45cm
Size LL: Length 68cm, chest circumference 120cm, shoulder width 47cm
Size 3L: Length 70cm, chest circumference 124cm, shoulder width 49cm

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